Why I do what I do!

My name is Tiffany and I am the owner of Full Circle Refillery! I come from all over, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, and Michigan have all been home but my heart lives in Chattanooga! I have always had a passion for reducing my waste and coming up with alternatives to traditionally single use products. Now having a family and being a mother of 2, it's a whole other level of potential waste and a journey to, overall, a more simple way of life for my boys in terms of what I want them exposed to chemically! I'm just so excited to be able to share some of what I have learned and hopefully get you excited about it too!

One thing about me is that I am probably one of the most realistic people when it comes to low waste! We LOVE zero waste but, gosh, that's just so stressful!! Being truly zero waste is almost impossible and the stress and pressure of adherence can deter a lot of people from even trying, but in truth just changing a habit or swapping out a product or 2 is progress! I typically will use the term low waste instead. I don't like trigger words like "toxic" or "chemicals" and here is why... EVERYTHING is a chemical and if you consume enough of it, EVERYTHING can be toxic! While I understand what people mean when they use these terms, I try to stay away from them. I also know that mental health is just SO important so we can't ask for perfection here. If you are doing all that you can do for the cause, I love it! Let's find solutions for you and your family so we can make progress that is sustainable for you.

Providing resources, alternatives, supporting small local businesses, and greener solutions for you is how we're going to start changing the world together.

Many of the refillable products that we offer are considered "closed loop" products which means that no step of the process ends in a landfill. i.e. Rustic Strength is who provides many of our cleaners, they ship (carbon neutral) to us, we empty, wash, and return the container to them so that the container gets used again and again. No waste in the process!

I am also always looking for more local alternatives such as Cruelty Free Stitchery, they're made in TN so that will reduce the shipping carbon footprint.

I am so happy to have you all along on this journey with me and I hope that I can help you find YOUR WAY TO LOW WASTE!

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