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CrueltyFree Stitchery NonPaper Towels

CrueltyFree Stitchery NonPaper Towels

Cruelty Free Stitchery

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NonPaper Towels are made of a single layer of 100% cotton flannel, great for drying, wiping down surfaces, cleaning up spills, or mealtime napkins.

Size may vary slightly, as each fabric can be a slightly different width, and we cut the pieces with as little waste as possible. Each towel is approximately 12x10"

Edges are finished off with tencel cellulose thread which is fully compostable

Machine wash without fabric softener. Cotton will shrink, especially in the dryer. Air dry for best results. If your first time using them didn't go as planned, don't worry, they get better with each wash!

If you go with a print, shoot me a message with which you want! They are labeled on each photo

Made in Georgia!

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